I Got Drunk and then Poetry - Mark Petersen

I Got Drunk and then Poetry

By Mark Petersen

  • Release Date: 2013-02-10
  • Genre: Poetry
Score: 4
From 543 Ratings


These poems were composed while having drinks downtown, enjoying the college-town local nightlife often with a typewriter and sometimes with an ink-pen and a Moleskine notebook. I let myself go, and I wrote a few gems and a whole lot of crap.
I have chosen the gems and applied Hemingway’s advice: “write drunk, edit sober”. My raw poetry was rife with typos and holes and I needed to edit it to make it clear and coherent. But I also didn’t want to overcook it; in my editing I strove to keep each poem faithful to the original so that the emotion and drunkenness would be maintained.


  • beautifully written

    By kayleecash
    need i say more?
  • Thank you for your truths

    By Jowillyo
    Something I admire about reading and writing is the pure honesty behind it. I’m intrigued with the way you made me feel knowing my altercations with alcohol. The simplicity behind your words spoke BIG amounts of truth and I very much so enjoyed your sets of words.
  • Amazing book

    By _arielp_
    This book shows a lot of examples of living in the moment and knowing what is real it also shows how everything is art and art is beautiful
  • Thumbs upppp great job

    By J buggie
    I’m no poetry critic but to me this is an amazing work, only wish there was a link to your Facebook profile, I would really love to follow up with you and your upcoming projects. Once again this is great work
  • Salute’

    By Aneat1
    Well done! Thoroughly enjoyed every word! Each and every random thought! I am somewhat shall we say on in years and have been writing the same 4 books that have yet to be published. One is my autobiography. Quite a humdinger that one is! I am well educated but that doesn’t necessarily mean common sense. In life or love or my love life ha! I ramble. ... I digress. For that matter the point of this note is to let you know that you have inspired me young man. I think you are a young man. I don’t remember. My memory is gone. You’ll have to buy the book to see why. I need more than that 5 bucks that you bought your beer with as my palate is a bit more refined. I jest. I do hope that this note finds you well and blessed. My regards.
  • Even though it’s 16 pages it was Amazing

    By @_kat
    I liked how this person created this poem it was inspiring in a way, as the poem creates a new perspective. But I wish that this book had more pages to be provided because if it did I would like to read more.
  • It is an amazing work

    By AJ Almanasrah
    Thank you for this piece of ART. I’m an international student and just recently started getting into poetry. I finished reading this book in one set. Enjoyed it so much. Your writing is so inspiring. Keep it UP!
  • Delightful

    By Miacyelaa
    I enjoyed reading this very much. Can’t wait to read more from you.
  • For real.

    By bn'h
    I understand this on a very personal level. I greatly appreciate the exposure of flaws and 100% honesty and flow of thought because even though we’re imperfect that really is who we all are. The appreciation in this work is something I think everyone should relate to at some time in their life.
  • Music

    By Blindberg
    please write more I love music