The Tombs - Clive Cussler & Thomas Perry

The Tombs

By Clive Cussler & Thomas Perry

  • Release Date: 2012-09-04
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
Score: 4
From 639 Ratings


Husband-and-wife team Sam and Remi Fargo are in a race to find the famed burial site of Attila the Hun in this adventure in the #1 New York Times-bestselling series.

When an archeologist friend requests their help to excavate a top-secret historical site, the Fargos are intrigued. But they have no idea that their discoveries will set them on a hunt for a prize beyond all imagination.

The clues point to the hidden tomb of Attila the Hun, who was reportedly buried with a vast fortune of gold, jewels, and plunder: a bounty that has never been found.

As they follow a trail throughout Europe, it leads them not to one tomb, but five. The Fargos also find themselves pitted against a thieving group of treasure hunters, a cunning Russian businessman, and a ruthless Hungarian who claims direct descent from Attila himself—and will stop at nothing to achieve his destiny...


  • Good

    By Fantasticnessssssssss
    I read it and it does go as you would expect. I have read the Dirk Pitt novels and this is my first Fargo. I will be reading more as I did enjoy this one.
  • Disappointing

    By Boregaed
    Good idea but not well done. The other Fargo adventures were good but this one was not.
  • The Tombs

    By Not So Good..yuck
    It was just ok. Boring and drawn out. Not at all on the edge of your seat stuff. I hope Sam comes out of the closet and Remi runs off with her dog.
  • The Tombs

    By Paul1Pres
    The tombs is another great read from Clive Cussler. I miss the days of Dirk Pitt but I enjoyed this book.
  • The Tombs

    By Christina1948
    Good plot. I was disappointed the way Remi was portrayed. There were times when She came across as a wimp, needed a man to take care of her and save her as a damsel in distress. Then came across as other times as strong as a bullfighter. Other books I have read with Sam and Remi have shown them as pretty equal. This did not and it took away from their characters.
  • disappointing

    By rwmossman
    I've not read Cussler in many years and I don't recall them being as silly as this. I was amazed at how off the charts unrealistic this is. I sure wish we had a bridge here. Hang on a sec, I may have one in my back back. Thanks goodness dear, I was afraid we might not escape this. elementary school boy read.
  • A Dirk Pitt plot without the cool guy

    By DistantEd
    Cussler used to write great escapist fiction for men. The Fargo series uses some of the old elements of his highly successful Dirk Pitt series, and borrows the plots from the recent treasure hunter movies that seem to have inspired this series. It might have worked if the two people he chose to be his protagonists weren't so annoying. First, they're rich....too rich. Everything they need is one swipe of a card away. They stay in the best hotels, dine at the best restaurants, and at night they dig up treasures that nobody else has been able to find for a thousand years. All the while, they show all the depth of an index card. No character flaws, no deep conversations, no hesitation to run straight into obvious dangers. Seriously, comic books flesh out deeper characters than these two. Also, by havng the couple hopping from one burial site to the next, it just creates a lot of little boring treasure hunts instead of one interessting hunt. There was a point near the end where the action picked up and I was actually interested, but then the author resolved it a little too neatly for my taste. At least the latest ghost writer didn't spend every chapter trying to sell me an iPhone or other Apple product.
  • The Tombs

    By Curley48
    Don't waste your money - predictable story, poor character development, very artificial dialogue between and among characters - Cussler should be embarrassed to attach his name to this mess.
  • A Great Read

    By Nannerz58
    Loved it!
  • Disappointing

    By Mass Bay
    There were no low points in this book, but only because there were no high points either. Straight middle-of-the-road, no emotions, no excitment, incredulity-stretching chains of events. Not worth reading.